Aluminium Oxide (Non Metallic) Blasting


Aluminium Oxide blasting (somtimes referred to as Shot Blasting) is used to remove paint (including powder coating) rust, etc. from metal wood or plastic.

This leaves a slightly rough finish which is great for  painting, etc.


Before Blasting Process

After Blasting Process

Garden Furniture above, before & after pictures. (See our Gallery for the end results, which shows paint finish too!)

We can blast items from small 20mm x 20mm  up to to  6metres by 2 meters with a maximum

We do not currently provide outside blasting services i.e. for walls of houses, etc.

See our gallery for examples of other blasting projects.



We are based in Levenshulme Manchester near the M60 motorway, this allows us to service not only companies in Manchester but also companies in Cheshire, Lancashire and beyond.